Equity Trust Company: Complaints About Retirement Investments Debunked

home Equity Trust Company: Complaints About Retirement Investments DebunkedAt Equity Trust Company, complaints about retirement investment options are all too common. It is a sad and sobering state of affairs, actually: While many employers offer their employees retirement savings options, these programs often fall short. For a lot of employees, these traditional plans, whether IRAs or 401(k)s, simply do not offer enough investment freedom. At ETC, complaints like these are met with superior services in self-directed retirement options.

In fact, Equity Trust Company is a nationwide leader in self-funded retirement programs. Equity Trust is a foremost provider of self-directed IRAs and 401ks, with over 130,000 clients across the 50 states and close to $11 billion of retirement plan assets in its custody. The company has provided self-directed retirement options since its inception in 2001, but its experience in retirement investments goes back, unofficially, much farther than that!

To understand what makes this company unique, however, we must first answer a few questions. What is an IRA, and why do you need one? Why is it that, for the pros at Equity Trust Company, complaints about traditional IRAs are so common? And why does the self-directed option make so much sense, for so many investors?

Read on to discover the answer to these questions and more.

What is an IRA?

IRA simply stands for Individual Retirement Account. It is exactly what it sounds like—a way for the individual to put money aside and accumulate wealth, with personal retirement as the ultimate goal. The IRA was created in 1974, and has proven a very popular vehicle for retirement investments ever since.

And why should you have an IRA? You should have an IRA, or a 401(k), if you ever wish to retire. You should have it in place because Social Security alone is not going to prove sufficient to provide you with retirement security and stability. In fact, the future of Social Security itself is very much in question.

The IRA provides many advantages to the investor—among them:

  •   Compounded Interest
  •   Tax-Deferred Profits (for certain IRAs)
  •   Large tax deductions
  •   Assets made safe from creditors
  •   The creation of wealth for your future, or for future generations

Equity Trust Company: Complaints about Traditional IRAs
That, in a nutshell, is what the IRA is all about. Why is it, then, that there are so many complaints about conventional IRA and 401(k) options? The answer is simple: The retirement options provided by most employers are simply not great. They do not allow for much investment freedom at all. In fact, if you choose to invest in a traditional IRA, you are likely confined to investment in stocks and mutual funds.

This is not inherently problematic. There are drawbacks, however—with the tumult of the stock market serving as one example. Additionally, many investors simply wish they had greater freedom to invest their retirement funds the way they want to invest them. That is really why, at Equity Trust Company, complaints about traditional options are so plentiful. The company offers another way, however—self-directed retirement funds.

What is a Self-Directed IRA?

Technically, a self-directed IRA is no different from a traditional IRA. In fact, all of the advantages listed above apply in equal measure here. There is one big thing that separates the self-directed IRA from the traditional one, however, and that is investment freedom.

A self-directed IRA is special because of the available investment options. Most IRA custodians allow investment only in approved stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CDs. A truly self-directed IRA custodian, like Equity Trust Company, allows those kinds of investments, but it also allows for more options. These additional investment options include real estate, notes, private placements, tax lien certificates, foreign currencies, and more.

Therefore, in addition to the advantages listed above, there is another huge perk that comes from investing in a self-directed IRA. As the investor, you are free to invest how you wish. You can invest your funds not in the tumultuous stock market, but in an area in which you have prior knowledge and familiarity—like real estate, to give just one example.

Equity Trust Company: Complaints about Conventional IRAs

At Equity Trust Company, complaints about traditional, employer-sponsored retirement programs abound. The company seeks to address those complaints and concerns as constructively as possible. As noted by Equity Trust Company complaints regarding retirement preparedness are common in today’s culture. There are numerous reasons; what follows are just a few of them.

  •   Investment freedom. With a more traditional route, your money will become tied up in the ever-uncertain stock market, more likely than not. Here, you are free to invest in an area you know and are comfortable with—foreign currencies, real estate, you name it.
  •   Experience. You do not want to entrust your retirement to just anyone. This is a company with close to four decades in the administration of IRAs and other kinds of retirement accounts!
  •   Strength. At Equity Trust Company, you will stand with more than 130,000 clients, spread across all 50 states!
  •   Security. This is a company that operates within the strict parameters of federal regulation.
  •   Service. There are more than 400 employees who work for Equity Trust Company—and they are all devoted to providing you with personalized and friendly service.
  •   Convenience. Equity Trust’s online portal, which allows for easy payments and account management, is peerless within this industry.
  •   Value. This is one of the only companies of its kind that does not charge transaction fees for normal processing.

At Equity Trust Company, complaints are not uncommon. That is to say, at Equity Trust Company, complaints about traditional retirement options are common—but Equity Trust seeks to address those complaints. At Equity Trust Company, complaints are answered through superior, proactive service. It is little wonder that so many Americans trust their retirement plans to this business.

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